MBSS All Products

MBSS All Products 2

All in one screensaver software in 3D animation

The MBSS All Products presents astonishing 3D particle animation in real time. MBSS stands for Mathematically Beautiful Screen Savers which gives a variety of themes that you can use on your desktop.

The MBSS All Products packages Light, Fireworks, Starfields and Gravity Wells in one software. The MBSS Light combines math, color, motion and creation.

It's like traveling right through the galaxies while looking at orbs of light. The MBSS All Product's Starfield gives you the chance to see and differentiate northern lights, comets, starfields, nebulas, plasma clouds, neon sparks ribbons and much more.

The MBSS Fireworks don't just come out in 3D animation. You get the effects in stereo sound when you need it. The MBSS All Products' Gravity Wells fills up your screen with wonderful colors in various patterns which were inspired by wandering gravity wells.